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In this tutorial you learn basics about CSS along with advanced techniques like CSS border, CSS background and many other CSS properties. More

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jQuery is a Javascript based library that aims at write less do more. This tutorial has lot of jQuey methods and events with online examples. More

PHP Tutorial

The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is known as a programming language. This tutorial covers basic and advanced level PHP topics like PHP syntax, PHP array, PHP string, sending email etc. More


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Javascript Tutorial – Learn Javascript for beginners and advanced learners

The javascript is a light-weight programming language that is generally used in client side. Today’s modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari etc. support javascript.

The Javascript is used to make static web pages (HTML) interactive. You can include Javascript (JS) code into HTML page or refer JS files to run javascript code and perform desired activities without requesting server. The client side refers to browser running web page.

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javascript setInterval with examples

In previous chapter we learnt how to use setTimeout method to execute a given function/code once with given time delay. If you need to execute a function or code repeatedly with given time delay then use setInterval method.

The setInterval method keeps on executing given function or code by given time delay until window is closed or you can use clearInterval method to stop it.

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JavaScript setTimeout

The setTimeout method is used to “delay” in executing a given function by specifying time in milliseconds. This is quite useful in situations like redirecting to another website while notifying a user “you will be redirected to another site in 10 seconds” etc.

The setTimeout method takes two required parameters as shown in syntax below:

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Javascript window.location to redirect with demo

The window.location is an object that can be used to redirect from one page to other in a browser. We sometime need to redirect users from current page to other (same website or some other website) upon clicking a link or pressing a button or as session expires etc.

In this tutorial we will explain how to use javascript window.location with examples.

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javascript innerHTML property with online demos

The innerHTML is a property of document object (DOM) that is used to get or set the content of HTML elements. You can set HTML content of any element including , etc by using javascript innerHTML.

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