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jQuery pie chart

3 Demos of jQuery Line, Bar, Pie and Donut charts with SVG

The peity is a simple, light-weight useful jQuery plug-in for creating the charts into your web pages. It converts content or data in a specified element into required charts that includes line, bar, donuts and pie charts.

You may specify the type of chart as initiating the plug-in via JavaScript.

jQuery zoom overlay

3 Demos of jQuery Zooming and Panning Images plug-in: EasyZoom

The EasyZoom plug-in is a light-weight and highly optimized plugin for zooming the images smoothly. The plug-in file size is only 4K and it has a few useful options that can be set by using the JavaScript.

jQuery pregress star leaf

4 Demos of jQuery loading shapes by jQuery-svg-progress plug-in

The jQuery-svg-progress is a light-weight (5Kb) progress indicator plug-in with a variety of shapes that allow you using in infographics or some other purpose.

Following shapes can be given as values:

jQuery tooltip bottom

6 demos of jQuery tooltips plug-in: tooltipify

The tooltipify is a jQuery plug-in for creating the sliding tooltips for different elements like textboxes or other form elements, paragraphs, span or div tags etc.

jQuery slider auto

jQuery slider: bxslider with 4 demos (horizontal, vertical and more)

The bxslider is a cool jQuery slider plug-in that has a ton of options and many features. It is fully responsive; since more and more visits are coming from mobile devices so it is an important feature.

jQuery top loader

A small jQuery loader plug-in as content is loading

As the content is loading in your web page including images, text etc. you may display a colorful loader on top bar to let the users know.

For implementing that, you may use a light-weight plugin (loadBar) which is based on jQuery and is quite easy to use.

jQuery empty

Compare jQuery empty and remove Methods with 2 Examples

The empty method The jQuery empty method is used to remove the child elements of the given element. The jQuery has another method to delete elements called remove method, however, it removes the parent element as well. See an empty method example In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the empty method for different

jQuery select

2 Demos of Using jQuery select Method

jQuery select As some text is selected inside a text box or textarea of your web page, the jQuery select event occurs. You can use the jQuery select method to perform some action as the select event occurs. Syntax of using select method The simple syntax of using the select jQuery method is: $(“selector”).select(function()); A select method example

jQuery slideToggle

jQuery slideToggle: Explained With an Example

The slideToggle method of jQuery The slideToggle() method is used to toggle between the slideDown() and slideUp() methods. If an element is slid down, the jQuery slideToggle method will slide it up and vice versa. See example of slideToggle Syntax of jQuery slideToggle method Following is the syntax of the slideToggle method: $(selector).slideToggle (speed,callback); Where: selector

jQuery date format time

How to format date by jQuery date object with examples

In this tutorial we will show you how to format date and use it in HTML document with jquery. There are date plug-ins as well that you can include in your document and format as per requirement.