jQuery Array | declare, print and functions of arrays in jQuery with examples

What is Array

An array is a type of variable that can store multiple values.

The array is a data structure that can hold one or more values in a single variable.

See an array example

Let us say, we want to store 50 US States in our jQuery program in a variable. What we can do is to create 50 simple variables:

var myvar1;

var myvar2;

And so on.

On the other hand, if you make that variable (myvar) an array in jQuery, you can store all 50 state names in a single variable.

How to declare an Array in jQuery

There are two ways to declare jQuery array:

An array with constructor

var State_Array = new Array( “NY”, “NJ” );

An array with literal declaration

var State_Array = [ “NY”, “NJ” ];

The Literal declaration is a preferred method to declare arrays in jQuery/JavaScript.

Basic Example of declaring and printing an array

Following example shows how to create a jQuery array (or JavaScript).

Experience example online

A few array functions and properties

Following are a few functions and a property of the array.

.length property

The length property of array jQuery is used to get the number of items in an array.

An example of using array length:

Experience example online

You may need .length property to be used in For loops.


It reverses the order of array elements.


Also see .forEach