How to create Bootstrap checkbox with 2 examples

What is Bootstrap checkbox?

The checkbox allows a user to select multiple options from the available values. The Bootstrap framework includes a number of CSS classes related to building HTML forms. By simply including classes into the <form> tag or its elements you can build beautiful forms using Bootstrap for your website. This also includes classes for the checkboxes.

Following examples show how to use a checkbox in the Bootstrap forms.

Example of using checkbox in Bootstrap form

Following example shows an example of “Account creation” form that uses a checkbox as well. We simply used checkbox class in div, wrapping the checkbox.

Bootstrap checkbox form

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You can see, “Remember me” checkbox in the above example.

Using multiple checkboxes in a Bootstrap form example

The following example shows how to use multiple checkboxes inline i.e. rather each checkbox uses a new line, all will be shown on the same line by using the Bootstrap checkbox-inline class.

Bootstrap checkbox

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