Java Tutorial

Introduction to Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language that was developed by James Gosling from Sun Microsystems in 1995. The purpose of developing java is to allow developing interactive applications, general purpose business application and web applications.

As such java is general purpose programming language, this can be used to develop and deploy for variety of applications. Java based applications are deployed in stock exchanges, banking applications, games and these days in mobile applications as well(Android based applications is an example).

Java is the preferred platform by large enterprises for developing their systems.

About Java tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to target beginners who have no idea about java programming language. You will, as beginner, learn basics about java like basic syntax, basic data-types, decision making statements (if, else…), loops (for, while etc.), functions, arrays etc.

Topics related to advanced learners are also covered in this tutorial. The tutorial also covers basics about Object Oriented concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, encapsulation, abstraction, packages etc., classes and objects, methods, working with date and time, working with files input/output (I/O) etc. Besides Collectors, Generics, Networking, Sterilization, Multi-threading etc. are also covered in this tutorial.

Examples in this tutorial

Almost in each tutorial example codes are given for illustration purpose. This would help in understanding of that specific topic. The code is made prominent in special area within tutorial so you can copy and paste it to your IDE and then execute to learn.

Alternatively you may also click on links given with examples to see graphic of code and its output. Generally the left side of example page contains code of example while right side contains output of graphic.

Tutorial Audience

This tutorial is designed for beginners though it covers advanced features as well. You should have basic understanding of computer programming and its terminologies.

Find below list of chapters covered in java tutorial for beginners and advanced level.

List of chapters

The Java tutorial includes following chapters:

  1. What is Java
  2. Java download
  3. Basic syntax of java
  4. Java data types
    1. Int type
    2. long type
    3. Char type
    4. byte type
    5. short type
    6. float type
    7. double type
    8. boolean type
  5. Variables in Java
  6. Java If .. else (Decision making)
  7. Loops in Java
  8. Java Arrays
  9. Object Oriented Java
    1. Polymorphism
    2. Inheritance
    3. Abstraction
    4. Encapsulation
  10. Java Collection
  11. Java Strings
  12. Java Exceptions

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