Download Java as JVM or JRE to your system

Download Java

To download the Java depends on for which purpose you need Java in your system. If you simply require to the run the Java-based applications from different vendors, Java based games, or sites running java applets etc. you simply need to download the Java Plug-in or Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

In case, you are not a developer or in software field and just intended to run java based software’s, don’t mix it up with Java Development Kit (JDK) and only download JVM or Java plug-in. Note that, the JDK is for Java developers.

The Java download also refers to as Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (for general users) to run Java based applications.

If you are a beginner to programming or just started learning Java, you need to download at least JDK to run the java code.

Download java Plug-in or JVM to run Java Applications

In order to run java based applications in your system, java download link is as follows:

Go to Java official website and download the latest release by Java, that is owned by Oracle Inc. Latest java release is important as security is enhanced in the latest release, apart from your software may require the latest version of JVM.

You can also download Java’s latest release from Oracle website:

As explained, don’t get confused and only download JRE if you are not a Java programmer OR need Java to run the Java-based Apps.

Download Java for developers

This is just for beginners, who want to develop programs in Java language. In order to make your machine ready to develop Java programs, you at least need to download and install Java Development Kit (JDK).

The JDK package includes JRE as well.

To download JDK to your system go to this link:

Install the latest release provided by Oracle Inc.

If you have problems you can check an alternative option here:


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