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In this tutorial you learn basics about CSS along with advanced techniques like CSS border, CSS background and many other CSS properties. More

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The PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is known as a programming language. This tutorial covers basic and advanced level PHP topics like PHP syntax, PHP array, PHP string, sending email etc. More


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3 Demos of Searchable Bootstrap Select menu by jQuery: bootmenu

The Bootmenu enables creating the searchable and animated select menus in your web projects. You may use this as the sidebar navigation or incorporate this into the main header navigation bar or apply your own idea as far as placement is concerned.

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3 Demos of jQuery / JavaScript based form validation with Bootstrap

The javascript.validation is a form validation plug-in that is based on jQuery and implemented on Bootstrap framework. It works with Bootstrap 2+ version. You may set the Bootstrap version in the global variables along with the font-awesome library.

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7 Demos of checkbox into cool toggle button/switch style by bootstrap-checkbox

The bootstrap-checkbox plug-in enables converting a simple looking checkbox into the beautiful checkboxes that looks like toggle button.

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3 Demos of Bootstrap / jQuery file upload with Preview and Multiple Uploads

The default file upload button with the Bootstrap framework is an ordinary button that allows selecting a file.

By using different plug-ins, you may enable your visitors selecting one or mote files along with image or file preview. Besides, it also enables you using different buttons with icons for selecting and uploading the files.

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An Awesome Bootstrap / jQuery treeview plug-in with 7 Demos

The bootstrap-treeview is an awesome plug-in for displaying the hierarchical data in the form of tree view in your web pages. The plug-in is developed using the jQuery and implemented on Bootstrap framework (3+) version.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you a few demos of presenting data in tree view form while you may also see how to set up this plug-in for your website.

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4 Demos of a jQuery / Bootstrap data table plug-in

In this tutorial, a jQuery based plug-in that supports the Bootstrap framework is shared that enables converting an ordinary HTML table into a data table.

The datatable plug-in has the following features:

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Ways to create Bootstrap accordion by collapse plugin

By using Twitter Bootstrap collapse plugin with transitions plugin you can create accordion or other collapsible navigation. This chapter is focused at Bootstrap accordion by using collapse plugin. Below are few examples of creating accordion.

The accordion is a cool way of presenting information into your website if you have larger content. As you click on one ‘menu item’ or link the content inside it expands and other hides.

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Bootstrap Footer – creating simple and sticky footer in Bootstrap

The footer in your website using Bootstrap framework can be created very easily. A simple footer that is not fixed can be created by using simple footer class or to give it panel like look use panel-footer class in div wrapper element.

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4 Bootstrap popover examples with free code to learn and apply

Popover is a piece of content like tooltips or overlay content that can be added to any element as source of secondary information or help to assist visitor of website. For example as you create account in a website, while creating password you can show user the requirements to create right password e.g. password must be 8 characters long, must contain capital letter and a special symbol; during account creation password.

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3 Demos of jQuery Zooming and Panning Images plug-in: EasyZoom

The EasyZoom plug-in is a light-weight and highly optimized plugin for zooming the images smoothly. The plug-in file size is only 4K and it has a few useful options that can be set by using the JavaScript.

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4 Demos of jQuery loading shapes by jQuery-svg-progress plug-in

The jQuery-svg-progress is a light-weight (5Kb) progress indicator plug-in with a variety of shapes that allow you using in infographics or some other purpose.

Following shapes can be given as values:

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6 demos of jQuery tooltips plug-in: tooltipify

The tooltipify is a jQuery plug-in for creating the sliding tooltips for different elements like textboxes or other form elements, paragraphs, span or div tags etc.

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jQuery slider: bxslider with 4 demos (horizontal, vertical and more)

The bxslider is a cool jQuery slider plug-in that has a ton of options and many features. It is fully responsive; since more and more visits are coming from mobile devices so it is an important feature.

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A small jQuery loader plug-in as content is loading

As the content is loading in your web page including images, text etc. you may display a colorful loader on top bar to let the users know.

For implementing that, you may use a light-weight plugin (loadBar) which is based on jQuery and is quite easy to use.

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How to format date by jQuery date object with examples

In this tutorial we will show you how to format date and use it in HTML document with jquery. There are date plug-ins as well that you can include in your document and format as per requirement.

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3 examples of jQuery offset method with top and left

The jquery offset method is used to return position or coordinates of given element. The offset method is also used to set the coordinates of all matched elements. The coordinates are relative to document and values are in pixels. If you require to get or set coordinates according to offset parent then use jquery position method.

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2 examples for formatting dates by Java SimpleDateFormat class

The simple Date class of java.util package does not provide enough methods to work with the date formatting in Java applications. The Date() class is good to use if you intend to work with the current date.

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Java equals method to compare strings

The equals method of the String class is used to compare two strings whether two are the same or not.

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Java Hello world: Your first program

Until now, we learned what is the Java programming. After setting up the environment (JDK) to execute the Java code, it is time to write our first program of Java i.e. the "hello world” program.

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How to declare and use the Java Boolean data type

Java has eight primitive data types to store data in its programs. The boolean Java is one of the primitive data types.

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2 demos of converting Java int to double and double to int

You may convert the variable of data type double to int and int to double quite easily in Java programming. The example below shows how to convert that.

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Java toString method

The Java toString is a String class method. This method returns an object’s string representation.

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2 examples to understand Java string split

The Java split method of the String class is used to split the given string. The whole string will be broken by the given regular expression (regex).

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How to use Java string replace method?

The replace method of the String class is used to replace existing characters in a given string to the new given characters.

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3 examples of Java int to string conversion by valueOf and toString methods

In the previous chapter, we learned how to convert strings to int data type in Java. You can also convert an int to a string by using the built-in methods provided by Java. These methods are explained below with examples.

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Java date (java.util.date) with 4 examples

Java comes up with a few date related classes to work with date and time in the Java projects. The Date class is one of those. The Date class is the part of java.util package.

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Python exception: try except with 3 examples to handle errors

An exception is an error or event that occurs during a program execution. Depending on error type, exception may crash a program or result in some unexpected behaviour. In order to avoid crashing or end program in unwanted way error must be handled immediately.

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What is Python Set: 3 Examples of How to Use

In Python Set is almost similar to dictionary. A set is dictionary with no values. As described in dictionary chapter, dictionary data type work with key – value pairs as shown below:

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Understand Python Class, Objects and Inheritance: 3 Examples

Grouping similar types of tasks into classes is termed as object oriented programming. Where Class is a combination of variables/properties and functions/methods. This chapter does not aim at explaining object oriented programming concepts thoroughly. The aim of this chapter is how to create and use Python classes.

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How to define and call Python function with return examples

A python function is a block of code that may take one or more input parameters, executes and may return a value. Functions can be used in Python programs repeatedly. A function’s code will only be executed once this is called.

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Ways to use Python range with 4 examples

Python has a function called range() that is used to create list of integers. For example range(5) is the length of 5 numbers. By default Python range starts from 0.

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Python Tuple: Easily Understand tuples with 5 examples

Among other compound data types available in Pytho,n tuple is one of those. The Tuple is sequence just like list but this type is immutable. That means its values cannot be changed. Once created, rest of the program it will stay same. Besides list use square brackets while tuples use parentheses ().

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13 Examples to Learn Python datetime module in 30 Minutes

Python comes up with a few date and time modules. One of those is python datetime. In order to format date and time you have to import datetime module into your Python programs. This chapter explains how to format date and time with datetime python module, let us first show you how to import datetime in Python program.

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Python Input VS Raw_input - Learn to Take User input with 2 Demos

Taking user input from keyboard is sometimes required in programming languages. For example developing a calculator, a menu system etc. that asks users to input some value. Python comes up with input() method that allows programmers to take user input.

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