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How to create a website

In today’s world, having a website is almost essential. Whether you are a student or a professional, running a small business or large enterprise, in education sector or medicine, manufacturing or services sector; having a website has become almost necessary.

Before creating your own website, you should have some plan and answer the questions that why do I need to create my own website or a website for my business?

This guide will explain, depending on your requirements that what kind of path you should follow to create a website. Choosing the right things as per requirements will save you money and time.

In any case, You need to have a couple of common things to start a website: a domain name and the hosting for your website.

The domain name

The name of the domain should correspond to what you have in your mind, the intended purpose of your website. If it is a personal website and you want to publicize yourself based at your name you can decide to go for your name as a domain. If it is a business website then you should relate to the business name that is easy to remember for your visitors. If it is an NGO or a charity type then think and decide accordingly.

The domain name can be the TLD (Top level domain) or second level. The TLD domains can be:

.com,.net,.org  etc.

Similarly, you can choose to go for ccTLDs, i.e. country code Top Level Domains, to target your country.

Generally, the TLDs costs from 5-35$ per year. The price generally varies from one domain provider to the other.

Depending on the budget, like students or for personal promotion, you may think to go for a free third level domain name offer. Many companies offer third level domain names, these days. In that case, your domain name may look like this:

Where “yourdomainname” is your chosen name. The companyname is the one who are offering to register the free domain.

Choosing the Hosting plan

The second common thing for any website is to have a web hosting. This is where the web pages or content of the website will be hosted. For example, your profile, the products information, about the business, contact us etc. are all web pages. You have to host the content/web pages of your website in a web server.

The hosting can be  free or paid, it depends on the needs and the budget. The section below differentiates what you should follow in both cases. Wherever required, a detailed link is given to guide you through the process from the start to the end.

The first question you must be clear about, what this website is about?

Create a Personal website

Is this your personal website, where you are planning to present yourself? You just need to have your profile or CV, a few photos of your own. Some professional work you have done.

If this is the plan to have your own website site, then follow these guidelines depending on your budgeting:

To make a website for free: how to create a website for free

If you can afford to pay $5-20 per month or about $100 a year then follow: creating a personal website/blog

Create Small to medium business website

You are thinking to have a small business website that you own or planning to create a website for someone else? You want to showcase products that your company sells. Or you offer some kind of service online or offline?

In other words, you are thinking to have the following pages:

  1. A home page with little information about the business.
  2. The Products page, where you want to show product details, images of products etc.
  3. A services page, if your small business is about the services.
  4. “About the company” page that shows the information about your company
  5. “Contact Us” with the physical address or may be contact us form where visitors may contact you via an online form and an email should come to your email address.
  6. The feedback page, taking feedback from the visitors about the products or services.
  7. Any other information pages.

In that case, if you can afford to pay somewhere around 10-120$ per year, then follow this guide.

If you do not want to pay and want to go for free then follow this guide.

If you are planning to sell your products or services online with the payment system integrated then read the e-commerce website section below.

Create Ecommerce Website

If you are running a business and plan to make it online or just plan to run a business online with option of allowing visitors to make the payments to buy the products or services by using PayPal, credit cards, debit cards etc. i.e. integrated payment system with the features including:

Front-end presentation:

  1. A home page with the products or special offers or services.
  2. Products listing based on the categories with the more/buy buttons or links.
  3. Product detail pages with the detailed information of the products.
  4. A shopping cart showing the items that are selected to buy.
  5. Links to allow the users to check out or make the payment by using different payment methods.
  6. The “About Us” page.
  7. The “Contact Us” page with the physical address or a web form.
  8. Live chat etc.

The Backend or Admin panel

  1. An administration panel to maintain the content of your website.
  2. Allowing the addition of new products.
  3. Updating the current products like prices etc.
  4. Special offers section.
  5. Any discount / coupons etc.

These are the general features; from business to business it may vary.

To read detail about setting up an e-commerce website go to this detailed guide: create e-commerce website

Create a blog

If you are thinking to create a blog that you plan to use for the personal marketing or for your views about the public interest like the politics. Or you want to create a technology based blog or you are the Master in the medicine field and want to write about the medical stuff or an engineer or even setting up an e-commerce site this guide will help you creating a blog from the scratch.

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