how to build / start a website from scratch with website builder

How to build a website

Just ten years or so before you had to acquire certain technical skills to build your website if you are non-IT/web developer background. If it was just a static website with information for visitors you had to learn HTML to start a website. At least you could come up with something that can be seen online for your personal or small-medium website. In order to build website that looks better, you could further learn CSS and a little about graphics designing. However if you require to build a dynamic, an e-commerce or some complex database driven website then you had to contact a professional web developer, web designer or web development company.

These days things are changed incredibly. As a non IT person you can still think of building your website yourself. You may build – design, develop and even maintain a website all by yourself. However hiring someone or company for building a website has its own advantages. But automated website builder are also available. It all depends on the needs or requirements plus vision of your website.

In this guide we will take you step by step how to build website manually and also using website builder to build a website for free or paid.

Building a website manually

Building a website manually means hiring someone or company or doing it by yourself. To manually build website from scratch first of all graphics mockup is required that reflects requirements of your website. This includes landing and inner pages designs. If your website is simple with 5-20 pages of information and does not require database, a web designer or HTML coder can start work on those designs to convert into HTML pages.

Once finalized with all pages, compatibility for cross-browsers and these days mobile compatibility as well, you or person or company you hired can start replacing sample information and images with real information and images. All is done, now it is time to make your website live that can be accessible worldwide. You need a shared hosting account which specifications depends on the requirements and numbers of visitors.

If your website is complex, for example an e-commerce or operational website that requires database as well. Then after designing, HTML conversion it will come to web developer – who has/will develop a database and convert static site into dynamic website (with scripting language like PHP,, ruby on rails etc.). If your website also enables customers/visitors to buy products or services then integration of payment system will also be done by web developer.

To learn details about all of steps, to manually build a website go to this link: how to make a website in five steps.

Building website with website builder

As mentioned earlier, automated solutions to build a website are also available these days. No technical skills, no coding, no design skills are required to build a website. Cost of building website varies that depends on the requirements and features you intend to use in your website. You can even build a website by using website builder for free. Below are website builders with free or paid option step by step guides to start your own website.

Build a free website with website builder

To learn how to build a website for free go to this detailed guide with web builders weebly and webstarts.

Build a free blog website

The other way to build your website is to create a blog site. A blog is not only used as personal diary but due to its popularity the blogs are now way to create professional, high class small to large business website. You can use blogging platform to develop any kind of website, from technology to machinery to medicine – you name any.

A fully detailed guide is written dedicated to building blog website. Building blogs with platform, and blogger are explained step by step.

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