A Python programming tutorial for beginners and advanced learning

What is Python Programming

Python is a high-level, interpreted, object-oriented and powerful general purpose programming language. Python programming is comparable to Java, Ruby or Perl.

As such, the Python is a general purpose programming language; this can be used to develop the web-based applications as well. It is also used for the games development. The Maya also uses Python as an embedded language.

To have an idea how powerful Python is and used for different purposes, read this page which is dedicated for success stories where Python is used: http://python.org/about/success. If you are planning to learn Python, reading the success section should motivate you further that may also help in learning the Python even more easily.

Python Tutorial Audience

The Python tutorial is designed for the beginners as well as it also covers the advanced topics like Tuple and lists. You should have a basic understanding of computer programming and its terminologies. It will make learning Python quite easier.

The code examples given in this tutorial can be copied / paste to the Python IDE/IDLE to test by yourself.

A few salient features of Python Programming language

  • Python can run on different operating systems like Windows, Mac Operating System, different brands of Unix etc.
  • Python programming language is copyrighted and also available under the open source license, so it can be modified.
  • Python comes up with the large standard library that enables common programming tasks to achieve quite easily.
  • It is an object-oriented language like Java, that supports classes and multiple inheritance.
  • Python programs are easy to write and read courtesy elegant syntax.
  • The Python programming language supports standard data types: numbers, strings, lists and dictionaries etc. All of these are covered in this tutorial.
  • Error handling/Debugging is quite easier in Python programming.
  • The Python program code is easy to maintain.
  • Python can work with any major database system like MySQL, MS SQL server, Oracle etc.
  • Python programs can be easily integrated with Java, Corba, C, C++ etc.

Chapters in Tutorial

The Python tutorial will cover following chapters. You may also see these chapters in the left navigation bar as well:

  1. Python Introduction
  2. Python Variables
  3. Python if..else
  4. Python For Loop
  5. Strings in Python
  6. Python List
  7. Python Dictionary
  8. Python Set
  9. Python Tuple
  10. Arrays in Python
  11. Python Functions
  12. Python Date and Time
  13. Python Class
  14. Python Print
  15. Python User Input
  16. Python file open
  17. Python Exceptions

The next chapter in this Tutorial will take you through how to configure Python where you will learn how to start developing your first small program and then moving on to learning other features of Python language.

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