Python set – How to use set in Python

Python Set

In Python set is almost similar to dictionary. A set is dictionary with no values. As described in dictionary chapter, dictionary data type work with key – value pairs as shown below:

dictionary_name = {key:value, key:value, …..}

Whereas set works like this:

set_name = {key1, key2, …..}

Practically set is used less in Python. Uses may include removing duplicates from a sequence, testing of membership, a few mathematical operations like difference, symmetric difference, union etc.


Example of using set

The example below creates a set with four keys. Two are given same name. Next statement will print set.



The output will be:

{’emp_salary’, ’emp_address’, ’emp_name’}

As you can see duplicate keys are printed.


Getting length of set


The output will be:

{’emp_name’, ’emp_salary’, ’emp_address’}



Length is 3, as duplicate key is omitted.

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