3 examples of CSS text-decoration with underline, overline and links

The text-decoration property of CSS

The text-decoration property is used to set the text as underline, overline, line-through or normal in the web pages.

>>A link without underline example

The underline in the links can also be removed by using the text-decoration CSS property. Besides, the line-through value can be used to present out-dated information, for example.

Syntax of text-decoration property

Following is the general syntax to use the text-decoration property:

text-decoration: value;

Where the value can be any of the following:

  • none: Normal text.
  • underline: a line under the text.
  • overline: A line above the text.
  • line-through: A line across the given text.

CSS underline example

The following is an underline example. In this example, we will use the text-decoration property to add an underline in the div text. Along with underline text, it also shows using the overline value in the h1 heading.

CSS underline

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As mentioned earlier, you may use the text-decoration property to remove underlines in HTML links as well. By default, the links are underlined. By using the CSS, underline can be removed as shown in the example below:

CSS text decoration

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As you can see, by simply using the CSS text-decoration property as none, the underline can be removed in the links.

Example of  text-decoration with line-through

This example uses the line-through value in the text-decoration property to add line through the text in a div tag.

CSS line-through property

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