Download java 32 bit or 64 bit for Windows

Download Java 32 or 64 bit

It depends on for which purpose you need the Java in your system, in order to download Java. If you simply require running the Java-based applications from different vendors, Java based games, or websites running Java applets etc. you simply need to download the Java Plug-in or Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java for running Java Applications on 32 or 64-bit windows

If you are using the 32bit or 64bit windows operating system and need to install Java Runtime (JRE) or JVM to your system, go to the link below and choose the option provided at the bottom:

There you can see the installer for (Java 32 bit) Winx86 or Win64 (java 64 bit) downloads.

Download and install Java 32 bit or 64 bit for developers

If you are a developer and using windows operating system and want to install Java development kit to develop Java programs then go to this link:

Go to the bottom of that page and find Java 32 bit or 64-bit Java, as per your Windows OS version. Note that, this is the standard edition of Java link.


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