HTML ul – How to Create Unordered Lists

HTML ul list type

The unordered lists in HTML are created by using the <ul> tag. Where UL means Unordered-List. A bullet list is created with no specific order.

The <li> tag is used with the <ul> tag to create the list items. You can create a list by an opening tag <ul> followed by series of <li>list item</li> tags with information to be presented and finally a closing tag </ul>.

Following example creates an unordered list:

HTML ul list simple

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As you can see, an unordered bullet list of colors is created by using <ul> and <li> tags.

Applying CSS to a ul list

You can also apply the CSS properties to the HTML ul lists. In the following example, we will apply the CSS to a ul list. Different CSS properties like background and border are used. See the example by clicking the link or image below:


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