Learn to use SQL outer join with example

Full outer join of SQL

The outer join is a type of join that retrieves all rows from both the left and right tables.

The column values that do not exist in either table will be filled with the null value.

Syntax of outer join clause

The general syntax of SQL full outer join clause is:

Select * from table_name1

full outer Join table_name2 ON table_name1.common_field = table_name2.common_field

Example of using SQL outer join clause

For our example, we will use departmental store scenario, as explained in the main Joins chapter. Consider a departmental store’s database tables:

  1. tbl_employee
  2. tbl_customers_orders
  3. tbl_products

Where tbl_employee stores the employees data, tbl_prodcuts stores the products in the store and tbl_customers_orders store the orders placed by the customers.

This example will retrieve all records from the left and right tables where the one after the select from (left), and the other after the join clause (right).

The outer join query:

See the graphic of all tables and outer join

As you can see in above graphic, all rows are retrieved from both tables by using the outer join.


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