MySQL between – Ways to use it with 3 examples

Quick Reach 1 MySQL Between operator 2 How to use Between operator 3 Examples of the between operator 3.1 A between operator example with numbers 3.2 An example with characters 3.3 Between with dates example MySQL Between operator MySQL supports different logical operators in queries and Between is one of […]

MySQL drop database command

Quick Reach 1 Deleting a database of MySQL 1.1 Syntax to use Drop database Deleting a database of MySQL In the last chapter, we learned how to create a MySQL database. To drop a database in MySQL using MySQL command the syntax will be as follows. Syntax to use Drop database […]

How to use MySQL truncate to remove whole table data

Quick Reach 1 MySQL truncate statement 2 The Truncate syntax 3 An example of truncate table MySQL truncate statement If you require removing whole table data from MySQL tables, you can use the TRUNCATE statement. The Truncate command will remove whole data from the given table. Note that, only table […]

MySQL join – 4 examples of joins and its types

In This Tutorial 1 MySQL Joins 2 General syntax of join clause 3 Join examples 3.1 A simple join example 3.2 MySQL inner join example 3.3 A left join example 3.4 A right join Example 4 MySQL joins Types 5 Related MySQL Joins In the MySQL Select statement chapter, we […]

MySQL group by clause with examples

In This Tutorial 1 MySQL Group by Clause 2 Group by clause syntax 3 Group by clause examples 3.1 An example of Sum function with Group by 3.2 Group by example with Min function 3.3 An example of count with group by clause 4 Related MySQL Group by Clause In […]

MySQL insert into: Ways to enter data with 3 examples

Quick Reach 1 The insert into MySQL statement 2 How to use the insert statement? 3 An insert into statement example 3.1 Example of Insert into MySQL statement with column names 3.2 Example of insert into statement without column names 4 Insert multiple rows example 5 Related The insert into […]

MySQL max function

Quick Reach 1 The max function of MySQL 2 The Max function syntax 3 Max examples 3.1 Max example in simple select query 3.2 Max with Group by example The max function of MySQL The MySQL Max function is used to return maximum value in the specified column of a […]

MySQL having clause

Quick Reach 1 Having clause of MySQL 2 Syntax of using having clause of MySQL 3 Having clause of MySQL example 3.1 An example of MySQL having clause 3.2 An example with count aggregate function Having clause of MySQL A few main points about Having clause in MySQL are: The […]

MySQL create table: Syntax and example

Quick Reach 1 Tables in MySQL database 2 MySQL create table syntax 3 Example of creating table in MySQL Tables in MySQL database The MySQL database contains tables. In the last chapter, we learned how to create MySQL database by using the Create database command. After creating a database, now we will learn […]