3 examples to learn Python While loop

Quick Reach 1 The While loop of Python 2 Syntax of While loop 3 Examples of using while loop 3.1 A While loop example 3.2 Example of while loop Python with multiple statements 3.3 Using else with While loop The While loop of Python A while loop in Python keeps […]

13 Examples to Learn Python datetime module in 30 Minutes

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Python string contains: 3 examples to use find method

Quick Reach 1 Python String find method 1.1 How to use the find() method 2 Python String find method example 2.1 What if the search term is not found? 2.2 Check whether string contains: with start and end number 3 Related Python String find method Python provides the find() method to search in a […]

3 Examples of How to use Python String Split method

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Python list append – How to add elements to list in Python

Quick Reach 1 Python list append method 2 Examples of using append method 3 Python extend method 4 Related Python list append method The append method of Python adds or appends an element to the existing list. Syntax of append method List_name.append(object/element) Where object/element is the one to be appended […]