How to create a website from scratch | Free and paid

In This Tutorial 1 How to create a website 1.1 The domain name 1.2 Choosing the Hosting plan 2 Create a Personal website 3 Create Small to medium business website 4 Create Ecommerce Website 5 Create a blog 6 Related How to create a website In today’s world, having a […]

How to make a website in five easy steps

In This Tutorial 1 How to make a website 2 Step 1 – Think and have a domain name 3 Step 2 – web hosting 3.1 Suggested web hosting companies 4 Step 3: Plan and make a website 5 Step 4: Publishing your website and going live 6 Step 5: […]

how to start / make a blog in easy steps

Quick Reach 1 What is a blog 2 How to start a blog 3 Starting a blog free of cost 4 Starting a Self-hosted blog 4.1 Register a domain name 4.2 Choose a web host 5 Marketing your blog 6 Related What is a blog A blog is a concept […]

MySQL drop table command

Quick Reach 1 How to drop table in MySQL 2 MySQL drop table syntax How to drop table in MySQL MySQL provides drop table command that is used to drop or delete a database table permanently. Note that, the Drop table command not only removes the table data but also […]

MySQL sum function with select statement

Quick Reach 1 The sum function of MySQL 2 The sum function syntax 3 The Sum examples in select and group by 3.1 Sum function with select example 3.2 The Sum with Group by example The sum function of MySQL A few main points about the Sum function of MySQL: […]

MySQL alter table

Quick Reach 1 MySQL Alter table 2 The Alter table syntax 2.1 Adding a column 2.2 Modify a column syntax 2.3 Delete table column syntax 3 Alter table examples 3.1 Adding a column example 3.2 A drop column example 4 Modify a column example MySQL Alter table A few points […]

MySQL create database

Quick Reach 1 Creating MySQL database 2 Create database syntax 3 An example of create database command of MySQL Creating MySQL database Before you can start inserting, deleting or using data in MySQL, you have to create a MySQL database. For that, you must have certain privileges in order to […]