PHP strpos: 2 examples of PHP String Contains the search term?

What is PHP strpos() function?

You may need to search the strings in PHP whether it contains a specific word or search term and then perform a certain action.  For example, few abusive words are not allowed in your web page form (to check at the server side).

An example to use strpos

To search the PHP string contains the word or search term, you can use the strpos function. The following section describes how to use the strpos function which is followed by an example.

How to use the strpos function?

The basic syntax of strpos() function is:

strpos($string_to_check,’word to test’)

An example of strpos function

Following example shows how to use the strpos PHP function. A variable is created with a string. In the if condition, we will check whether the string contains a given word or not by using the strpos function.

PHP strpos

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Note that, the strops() function is case sensitive.

If you need case-insensitive then use the stripos() function.

Example of stripos() function

As mentioned earlier, the strpos function is case sensitive. The example below shows using the PHP stripos() function which is case insensitive to check whether PHP string contains a given word or not.

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The output of above code will be:

it exists

In the stripos function, we searched for the word “Test” in the given string. Though we used the capital ‘T’ letter in function, it still returned as true.

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