9 Online Demos to Learn HTML Links – The Anchor Tag

HTML link, also called as Hyperlink, is the way to connect one web page to another or allow visitors navigate across the website. If you are new to HTML, you have seen links on almost all websites that you come across in the headers, the left menu or right menu or within the paragraphs.

The clicks that you use to open Contact us, about, product pages, service page, details, Add to basket or cart etc. and the source you came across to this page (most probably via google or some other search engine) is also by the link.

In this tutorial, you can see dozens of hyperlinks that are linked to other pages within the website.

You can give hypertext or anchor text to the links or also can use images as the links by using the <a> tag.

A Basic link

A link with target as _blank

Example of HTML image link

A mailto link example

HTML button link

Link with and without underline example with CSS

Link in hover state with CSS properties