Python hello world

The Hello World Example

After downloading and installing the Python at your computer, it is time to write the first test program in Python. We will use simple IDE provided by Python known as IDLE to write our first test program “Python Hello World!”.

Let us assume, You are using Windows 7 and installed Python 3.3.2. Go to Start –> All Programs –> Python 3.3 and open IDLE(Python 3.3)

After shell window is opened (IDLE), write this command:

That should output as:

Hello world

If you see this output, the Python is installed properly.

Now as you have written the first hello world application in Python, let us move ahead to Python programming features:

What will you learn next?

Data types and Variables

Decision making (if..else, elif)

The For Loop

The While Loop of Python

Strings in Python

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