SQL create database command

How to create a database

In order to work with relational databases, the first thing to do is to create SQL database in the database server of your choice. Whether you are working on the MS SQL server, MySQL database etc. you need to ensure that you have the sufficient privileges to create a database or you are an admin of the database server. The syntax to create a database from the command line is as follows:

Syntax of SQL create database

The general syntax to create a database is:


Where the DB_name should be related to your project name. For this tutorial, we will use different databases, one of which will be the test_db for illustration purpose.

Example of create database command

The following example shows how the create database command works to create a database by SQL command. The following command will create a database namely test_db.

A database with the name of test_db is created by using the create database command. In the next chapter, we will see how to create tables in this database along with other SQL commands.

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