HTML Forms: A Comprehensive Guide with 13 Demos

The Forms of HTML

The Forms in web pages are used to get input from the users and sending data to the server. The input can be of many types depending on the requirement of the project.

You most probably have used online forms like the login form on various websites, to let you input user id,  email and password. Similarly, a contact form to contact to a business or for some other purpose. All these are HTML forms.

The Forms provide different input types to be used to allow users entering the required information. For example, you can use text boxes, checkboxes, textarea, radio buttons, input type file to let upload images, pdfs, or other files, submit buttons in the forms.

The data entered in the form is sent to the server where you can use different scripting languages like PHP,, ruby on rails or other to process that information. You can save that information in a database, use that information to send email etc.

This tutorial explains how to use the forms by using the form HTML tag along with form action, the method by which you can send data (get or post) and various input types with examples.

A few examples of HTML form

Example of a form with input type text

Example of using input button at onclick

Example of HTML with input type file

Input type checkbox with example

Example of image as submit

A Short and quick Video summarizing using forms in HTML