PHP Tutorial – Learn PHP for beginners and advanced level

PHP Tutorial – Learn PHP for beginners and advanced level

What is PHP?

The PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is known as a programming language that enables web developers creating dynamic content that communicates with the data source.

Video: A Short Introduction to PHP

PHP is an open-source program, that means it is available for free on the Web. PHP can also be used across many platforms, such as Linux, many variations of the Unix system, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

PHP is a complete programming language and can be used for functions such as server-side scripting (using a web server to fulfill a user’s request by running a script directly on the web server like Apache, to generate dynamic HTML pages).

PHP is actually made to use for developing web-based software programs.

This PHP tutorial enables you to build your foundation with PHP.

Audience of this tutorial

This tutorial is made for those who’re not fully aware of PHP basics, however, they have knowledge of computer programming.

Requirements for PHP Tutorial

Before continuing with this guide, you need to have at least the basic knowledge of computer programming, Internet, DBMS, and MySQL database etc.

Topics in this Tutorial

You may find topics in the left navigation across the PHP Tutorials as well.

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