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5 soft or hard boiled eggs apps – change your egg boiling style

Smart phone apps apparently have no limit for any category. You may find apps almost for anything – from education to health, business, travelling, religion etc in app stores. In this article we are going to list top apps related to how to boil eggs.
Almost all of us use to eat boiled eggs however many people like hard boiled eggs while other like soft boiled eggs and still other medium. And we know it all depends on heat and time to boil half or hard boiled eggs.

5 cool math games and formula apps to make brain sharp

Playing video games is not just waste of time if selected properly. Not only it will make your time precious but will make you learn something out of this. Games are developed in almost each category these days – sports, fight, puzzle and education as well.

5 dictionary and thesaurus easy to use Free apps

You most probably have been using online dictionary for English to English or from one language to other to find out meanings of words that you need. Similarly online thesaurus to find out group of synonyms or related concepts or word’s meanings that you know and find out words for those meanings.

Photo editor – A collection of 4 Free apps and online software

Finding right photo editor apps with plenty of useful features becomes harder as lot of apps are available whether you are a Android or iOS user. Just go to Apple or google play stores and search for free photo editor or even paid one you will large list of available apps, so how to take right one.

Tools and Mobile Apps

Following are tools and apps we found useful in to have-tools-app list.

7 FREE IELTS apps to help you prepare for IELTS test / exam

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standard exam for non-english language people who wish to study, live or work in English speaking countries. Whether you are interested in studies or a profession or applying for immigration you may have to go through IELTS exam.

5 sites and Apps to test / check internet speed online

Internet is everywhere: at your home, in office or work place, at your desktop computer, laptop, mobiles and smart devices. Generally you use a monthly fee for your connection whether it is a computer (broadband, DSL, cable etc.) or mobile internet (Edge, 3G, 4G etc.). While buying packages of internet from service providers the plan is generally based at download speed. While using internet or experiencing slow speed, have you wonder how fast my internet is? Or know at all how to check internet speed?

5 pdf reader for free (adobe, foxit and more) with features

The pdf stands for portable document format. By portable it meant to be independent of hardware, software and operating systems. A same pdf file should be opened in any hardware or any operating system.