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jQuery accordion style

A jQuery Accordion Plug-in with Bootstrap: 2 Demos

The jquery-accordion is a tiny plug-in for creating the FAQs or Question/Answer style accordion in your web pages. As the main panel opens after user’s click or tap on smart phones, the panel body may contain multiple questions and their respective answers.

bootstrap animation

3 Demos of Searchable Bootstrap Select menu by jQuery: bootmenu

The Bootmenu enables creating the searchable and animated select menus in your web projects. You may use this as the sidebar navigation or incorporate this into the main header navigation bar or apply your own idea as far as placement is concerned.

jQuery form validation

3 Demos of jQuery / JavaScript based form validation with Bootstrap

The javascript.validation is a form validation plug-in that is based on jQuery and implemented on Bootstrap framework. It works with Bootstrap 2+ version. You may set the Bootstrap version in the global variables along with the font-awesome library.

Bootstrap checkbox labels

7 Demos of checkbox into cool toggle button/switch style by bootstrap-checkbox

The bootstrap-checkbox plug-in enables converting a simple looking checkbox into the beautiful checkboxes that looks like toggle button.

jQuery file upload

3 Demos of Bootstrap / jQuery file upload with Preview and Multiple Uploads

The default file upload button with the Bootstrap framework is an ordinary button that allows selecting a file.

By using different plug-ins, you may enable your visitors selecting one or mote files along with image or file preview. Besides, it also enables you using different buttons with icons for selecting and uploading the files.

bootstrap treeview colors

An Awesome Bootstrap / jQuery treeview plug-in with 7 Demos

The bootstrap-treeview is an awesome plug-in for displaying the hierarchical data in the form of tree view in your web pages. The plug-in is developed using the jQuery and implemented on Bootstrap framework (3+) version.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you a few demos of presenting data in tree view form while you may also see how to set up this plug-in for your website.

Bootstrap data tables rows

4 Demos of a jQuery / Bootstrap data table plug-in

In this tutorial, a jQuery based plug-in that supports the Bootstrap framework is shared that enables converting an ordinary HTML table into a data table.

The datatable plug-in has the following features:

3 examples to learn and use Bootstrap tab plugin

Bootstrap Tabs Tabs is a nice way to present information that is categorized in the limited content area. For example, to display product information you can show tabs with product description in one tab, features in other tab, reviews in the third tab and so on. Similarly from niche to niche if you have different category

Ways to create Bootstrap accordion by collapse plugin

By using Twitter Bootstrap collapse plugin with transitions plugin you can create accordion or other collapsible navigation. This chapter is focused at Bootstrap accordion by using collapse plugin. Below are few examples of creating accordion.

The accordion is a cool way of presenting information into your website if you have larger content. As you click on one ‘menu item’ or link the content inside it expands and other hides.

Bootstrap footer

Bootstrap Footer – creating simple and sticky footer in Bootstrap

The footer in your website using Bootstrap framework can be created very easily. A simple footer that is not fixed can be created by using simple footer class or to give it panel like look use panel-footer class in div wrapper element.