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Bootstrap table drag drop style

Rearrange Bootstrap table columns by drag and drop

The drag-n-drop-table-columns is a jQuery based plug-in for rearranging the table columns of the Bootstrap tables.

This is a simple plug-in, only 4Kb size that enables the visitors to re-arrange the table columns by drag and drop.

Bootstrap navbar left

Create fixed and Smooth Scroll Bootstrap 4 navbar by jQuery

For creating a top fixed navbar based on Bootstrap 4 that scrolls smoothly, you may use the bootstrap4-fixed-navbar plug-in for that. It is a jQuery based plug-in which is only 3K size. The minified version can be even less.

Bootstrap slider labels

7 styles of Simple and Range Bootstrap Sliders Using jQuery/JavaScript

By using the bootstrap-slider plug-in, jQuery based, you may create the simple or range slider with different styles in web pages. Easily integrate this into the forms for taking user’s input by way of sliding for selecting the value.

For example, selecting the age group, income range, salary expectation etc.

4 Demos of Bootstrap Tabs with Different Styles and Placements

In this core Bootstrap tabs tutorial, I showed how to create simple tabs for presenting the information. The tutorial included simple demos as well.

In this post, I am going to share an awesome plug-in for creating the tabs in Bootstrap with extended options. By using the bootstrap-tabs-x plug-in (jQuery based), you may place the tabs in different direction like top, bottom, left or right.

Bootstrap date range datepicker

3 Demos of Bootstrap datepicker with jQuery

By using the bootstrap-datepicker plug-in, you may create a simple date picker that opens up as the input text field is selected or a component date picker that displays the calendar with text field focus as well as an icon ahead of it.

jQuery accordion style

A jQuery Accordion Plug-in with Bootstrap: 2 Demos

The jquery-accordion is a tiny plug-in for creating the FAQs or Question/Answer style accordion in your web pages. As the main panel opens after user’s click or tap on smart phones, the panel body may contain multiple questions and their respective answers.

bootstrap animation

3 Demos of Searchable Bootstrap Select menu by jQuery: bootmenu

The Bootmenu enables creating the searchable and animated select menus in your web projects. You may use this as the sidebar navigation or incorporate this into the main header navigation bar or apply your own idea as far as placement is concerned.

jQuery form validation

3 Demos of jQuery / JavaScript based form validation with Bootstrap

The javascript.validation is a form validation plug-in that is based on jQuery and implemented on Bootstrap framework. It works with Bootstrap 2+ version. You may set the Bootstrap version in the global variables along with the font-awesome library.

Bootstrap checkbox labels

7 Demos of checkbox into cool toggle button/switch style by bootstrap-checkbox

The bootstrap-checkbox plug-in enables converting a simple looking checkbox into the beautiful checkboxes that looks like toggle button.

jQuery file upload

3 Demos of Bootstrap / jQuery file upload with Preview and Multiple Uploads

The default file upload button with the Bootstrap framework is an ordinary button that allows selecting a file.

By using different plug-ins, you may enable your visitors selecting one or mote files along with image or file preview. Besides, it also enables you using different buttons with icons for selecting and uploading the files.