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HTML bold text

How to Use HTML bold tag and Setting Bold Text with CSS

HTML comes up with b tag to make text bold i.e. text is darkened to help emphasize a remark or comment. You have to use closing tag of bold tag otherwise whole text following opening tag will appear as bold.


HTML ul – How to Create Unordered Lists

The unordered lists in HTML are created by using ul tag. UL means Unordered-List. A bullet list is created with no specific order like shopping items etc. The li tag is used with ul tag to create list items. You can create a list by opening tag ul followed by series of …

HTML list

7 Demos of HTML Lists: Using ul, li, ol, and dl tags

HTML list is the way to present information in the form of a listing. This is quite useful presenting information like product features, services, job requirements, shopping list etc. in list format to your web pages. Lists are also used for navigation/menu purpose.

HTML li tag with ol and ul with examples

The li tag is used to create list items in HTML lists. Whether you can creating ordered or unordered lists you have to use …

CSS List and ul

You can use power of CSS to style HTML lists. You can assign colors, create borders, backgrounds etc. around lists to make it look according to other sections of website. Similarly you can apply CSS to li tag to apply css style inside the list items.

HTML textarea css

8 Demos of How to use HTML textarea

The HTML element textarea is used to allow entering multi-line text. For single line you may use input type text. Text area is used with HTML forms where user can enter longer text messages. The text is submitted as user presses submit or save etc. button in HTML form where you can process information entered in text area by using server scripting like PHP, etc. Examples of using text area includes using in contact us pages, feedback forms etc.

HTML radio

HTML radio button with 3 Demos

The radio buttons are used where you allow users to select one option from two or more available options. For example you most probably have seen or used:

Select option – Using HTML option with select/dropdown

The option tag is used with select tag. The option adds available options in HTML dropdown. After select tag you have to use option tag to create selectable values.

HTML select

6 Demos of How to Use HTML select (Dropdown)

The select in HTML is the way to show users pre-defined values in dropdown. For example giving a user option to select a title from: Mr, Miss, Mrs etc. options. The HTML dropdown is used in HTML form.
The tag used to create dropdown in HTML is select with option. So basically you are enabling visitors to select from available options. The basic syntax of creating HTML dropdown is..

HTML font size

Ways to set Font size with CSS and HTML font tag

The font size attribute sets the size of text in headings, div, paragraphs, links etc. You can specify size in font tag of HTML or in CSS. Do not font it in future HTML codes. Instead use CSS that is recommended in HTML 5.