WordPress plugins – Installing free or paid plugins

What is a WordPress plugin The WordPress plugin is the way to extend the WordPress core functionality. You can do virtually anything by using the WordPress plugin architecture to add features into your website. This is one of the reasons why WordPress platform is so popular across the world. The WordPress developers keep on adding the new plugins … Read moreWordPress plugins – Installing free or paid plugins

WordPress themes – Installing free or premium WordPress theme

A wordpress theme is basically design of your wordpress blog or website. This theme contains all features that are to be seen by the visitors, users or customers of your website. Generally these features are header containing logo of your blog, business etc. Then top menu, left or right navigations giving links to other main pages of your blog website. And main area where content is presented i.e. textual information with images or videos etc. And it is generally theme where wordpress plug-ins and widgets are installed.

wordpress tutorial | What is wordpress and how to install and write

What is the WordPress The WordpPress is an open source blogging platform that is designed to create, write and update a blog in a very easy to use way. The WordPress is a content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL. After downloading and configuring the WordPress you can use the CMS to write … Read morewordpress tutorial | What is wordpress and how to install and write