5 cool math games and formula apps to make brain sharp

5 cool math games and formula apps to make brain sharp

A collection of math games apps

Playing video games is not just the waste of time if selected properly. Not only it will make your time precious but will make you learn something out of this. Games are developed in almost each category these days – sports, fight, puzzle and education as well.

In this post, we are going to share education games: cool math games online and its apps for your smart phones. The links of apps are given with each math game that you can download if you are using the android, iOS or some other phone. If math game is online for desktop or laptop users, the links to the website are also given.

The math games that we selected are for different age groups. The cool math games are for kids to start learning math and for other age groups as well. The games are developed in a way to make it look like math is fun, so make it easy to learn from it. Here you go with the list:

Math Workout – A free math game app

The Math Workout is a free app for android and iOS users by Brain Training. With 5 to 10 million installations in just android based devices and overall rating of 4.2 in google play (google app store) this game marks the top in our math games list.

Math Workout

This math game is inspired by Kumon. If you have no idea, the Kumon is a math and reading program that helps kids/children learn at their own. The math programs have different levels for different age groups e.g. 7A-2A are for the pre-school level (for kids), Level K-O are for high school.

So this game is for any age group. A few features are:

  • The world challenge competition
  • Fly match blaster
  • Keep track of the progress by graphical charts
  • Additions and subtraction
  • The Brain Cruncher
  • Mental Math master
  • And more

So go ahead and test your mental math!

A negative point can be, this is an ad supported game. However, as this is a free game so the developer has to meet their expenses to keep it going so not a bad deal.

To download this app:

Kids Math Games

The Kids Math Games seems new one in android market with only 1000 – 5000 installations but has very good rating of 4.5 out of 5. As the name shows, this is a collection of games 4 kids who started learning maths.

Kids Math Games

The counting of objects games, addition and subtraction, division and multiplication games with options provided makes it easier to learn math for kids. The app also includes a number pattern games.

To download this app

Math is Fun – free app

Math is Fun is a cool math game developed and presented by classic games that aim at improving your mind and math skills. A few features of Math is fun game include:

Math is Fun

  • It has three levels – you can choose easy, medium and hard.
  • The design is kept simple and adjusts in different android based devices.
  • Due to different levels, it will be fun for your kids, children and other age groups.
  • Practicing different aspects of math – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • For elders, it can be refreshing math skills.
  • Game duration is only two minutes.

The app has been installed from 50K to 100Ks with an overall rating of 3.7 (as we are writing about it).

To download this app

Maths Formulas Free app

If you are a high school, college or university student then Maths formulas is an app for you. This app has formulas for basic to advanced aspects of mathematics including Algebra, Geometry, equations, Trigonometry, matrix and more.

The app is multilingual including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and more. You can easily switch between different languages by using the language settings in the app.

Maths Formulas Free

The app has a search facility as well to search different formulas and you can add formulas that are frequently used into the favorites folder. The available tools also include conversion of measurement units like temperature, speed, weight etc.

The app is 14 Mb’s for android users while 15.5 for iOS users (as we are writing about this app). While rating and installation statistics are also encouraging. In google play, this cool math app has been downloaded and installed over 100K times with 4.4 ratings. Whereas in Apple’s app store, it has a rating of 4+.

To download formulas math app

  • For iOS users (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch): App page
  • For android users: App page

Cool Math Games Fans App

The cool math games fans app is basically an App version of Cool Math Games online website. If you have been using or playing games on cool math games online from desktop or notebook then you can install this app to play it from your smartphone.

Cool Math Games

As such, this app is based at coolmathgames, you need an internet connection or your device must be connected to net (2G, 3G, edge etc.) to play it.

The game has low ratings of 3.2 in google app store with around 100000+ installations.

To download this app:

  • For android users only: App link page

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