7 FREE IELTS apps to help you prepare for IELTS test / exam

7 FREE IELTS apps to help you prepare for IELTS test / exam

IELTS and its smartphone Apps

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standard exam for non-English language people who wish to study, live or work in English speaking countries. Whether you are interested in studies or a profession or applying for immigration, you may have to go through IELTS exam. The exam involves basic language testing skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking. The IDP education, Cambridge English language Assessment, and British council jointly manage it.

In order to get a good band in IELTS exam (which is from 1-9) you have to prepare well. You may need to join academy to prepare all aspects of English language. There is IELTS test preparation software as well to help you learn before appearing in exam. And of course with mobile / smart phones popularity, there are quite useful and advanced Apps to help in different aspects of IELTS examination.

Below is the list of apps for Android, Apple iOS and windows based phones. Few apps are quite comprehensive to learn all aspects while others are dedicated to single aspect like IELTS listening, IELTS writing etc. The apps also contain many tests and tips that you can go through and see IELTS result before actually appearing in exam.

IELTS Skills – A free App

ielts skills

The IELTS Skills is a free app by Macmillan Publishers limited. You can use it as a complete package to cover all aspects of exam or install separate apps for each part i.e.

A separate app for IELTS reading: IELTS skills reading

For IELTS writing: IELTS skills writing

Similarly, separate app for IELTS listening and speaking.

IELTS skills features

  • A variety of exercises for all aspects – reading, writing etc.
  • Just like in actual IELTS exam, you can practice the expected question to be asked with interactive examples.
  • Scoring
  • And many more

Download App

To download app for android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.macmillan.ielts.skillsfree

For Apple users – iPhone and iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/US/app/ielts-skills-free/id545974301?mt=8

Note: A few features are subscription based or for paid users.

IELTS listening & writing test App – for android only

This IELTS listening & writing test app, as the name shows, is to help in preparing the listening and writing parts of IELTS exam. The listening tests are with good quality sound and equipped with three listening practice tests that have scripts and answers.

IELTS listening writing

For writing practice, the app includes four tests with sample answers. Another good feature is IELTS calculator. The calculator tells IETLS results for practice test from 0-9 bands.

So if you are an android user with Android 2.2 and up then following is the link to download this app:

Download app for android

IELTS Word Power App

If you are interested in improving vocabulary for IELTS exam, then this app is for you. With an average rating of 3.9 (as we are writing about this app) in google play this app helps in preparing vocabulary for IELTS exam. With over a hundred questions in the app to test the vocabulary, this will be a good choice to help in IELTS exam preparations.

IELTS Word Power

The app can also locate the nearest location of IELTS examination or British council test center where you may also apply for IELTS registration.

To download free app for android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ubl.ielts

For Apple users: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/DZR.woa/wa/viewArtist?cc=us&id=381299711#

IELTS Speaking Practice App

If you are looking to practice only speaking part of IELTS then IELTS Speaking Practice is good for you. It has 4.2 rating in Google play (which is quite good, as this guide is written) and is compatible from 2.3 and up version of android.

IELTS Speaking Practice App

If you have apple device: an iPhone or iPad, iPod touch with iOS 6 or later then you can download and install this app as well from the given URL below.

A few main features of this IELTS speaking practice App include:

  • The app has over seven hundred sample test questions with 20+ topics.
  • It also includes five mock tests and 24 cue cards.
  • The app is for different levels – low to high to improve speaking capability.
  • A nice feature – you can record and then playback answers as well.

Download this app

For android users: Download this app here

For Apple users: Go to this link

IELTS writing practice app

The IELTS Writing practice app, as the name of the app says, is for writing practice for IELTS exam. The question and answers in this app are written by experts. For each part of the IELTS writing test, the app contains three sample answers.

IELTS Writing practice

The practice test can be used for other writing tests including TOEFL, CAE etc.

As we are writing about this app, the average rating for the app in google play is 3.8 from 613 users. The app is small size, about 500K and requires 2.3.3 or up version of android.

The App is available for Apple and blackberry users as well. See download links below.

For android users: Download link

For Apple users: App page

For BlackBerry: click here

IELTS Preparation App

Generally, the Heading test is considered most difficult part in IELTS exam which is the part of this free App. The app also has the vocabulary of 4000 plus words from different sources including different papers, tests and books for the general reading test.

IELTS Preparation

You can use it for academic English reading as well as numerous words with explanation are also given. With an overall rating of 4.1, this is a good choice for IELTS reading practice. The App has over 100K downloads in google play while app for iPhone is also available from the apple store. In Apple store, this is also rated 4+.

Download App links:

For Apple users: IELTS preparation App page

For Android: Google play link

IELTS writing samples – A free app

The final app for preparing IELTS exams, in our list, is IELTS writing samples. This  is a free app from Impact Learning. The app is for writing tasks with IELTS writing task 1 and 2 from the equivalent of band 5.0 up to 9.0. Based on the writing level, the app will show score awarded.

IELTS writing samples app

The app has an overall rating of 4.1 in Google play store with over 50K installs.

Download app as per your device OS:

For iPhone users: App page

For iPad: App page

For android users: App page

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